The ModCom One headsets provide superior voice communication in harsh and noisy environments.  The robust design is waterproof and freeze rated for the most challenging environments.  The ModCom One includes a hot swap battery, which eliminates communication downtime for mission critical applications.

The ModCom One is modular in design and is available in in many configurations, including, corded and Bluetooth, monaural, binaural, and hard hat mountable.

“We designed the ModCom One to address a void in the rugged headset market providing for a light weight product with superior noise canceling mic technology” said Ray Gecawicz, CEO of Trident Communication Technology.

The ModCom One line of headsets fulfills a need for a lightweight, rugged headset at a competitive price.

Trident Communications Technology designs and manufactures Bluetooth and Corded Headsets that meet military durability standards.  ModCom One Headsets are fully tested under controlled laboratory conditions in a wide range of field applications.

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screenshot150_1The ModCom One is a registered trademark of Trident Communication Technology, Inc.